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Love Flourishes

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Love Flourishes, the latest stamp in a series that goes back to 1973, features a fanciful garden of colorful flowers surrounding the word “Love” in cursive script. The First Day of Issue site is Creativation, the annual Craft & Hobby Association convention that brings together the global creative products community from designers to manufacturers, some of whom may want to incorporate postage stamps in their designs. The U.S. Postal Service today celebrates the love of all kinds with the dedication of the Love Flourishes stamps during a first-day-of-issue ceremony at the CREATIVATION conference held at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Love Flourishes is the latest stamp in the popular Love series, which began 45 years ago. The Love Flourishes Stamps art features a fanciful garden of colorful flowers surrounding the word “Love” written in cursive script. Hand-painted by artist Anna Bond, the flowers on the stamp include stylized roses, peonies, and dahlias in pink, coral, and yellow, with pale blue-green berries and gold fronds and leaves.

Art director Greg Breeding designed the stamps with Bond's original art.

“When it comes to expressing appreciation for the people we love most, nothing matches the mail,” said Maura McDevitt, vice president, controller, U.S. Postal Service, who dedicated the stamps. “We hope the Love Flourishes stamps will help you send cards and letters to those you care about with a special touch of affection, and serve as a reminder that no matter what the season or reason, flowers, especially on a stamp, are the perfect way to send love.”

Brand new five sheets of 20 postage stamps (100 stamps total).
The stamps art features a fanciful garden of colorful flowers surrounding the word “Love” written in cursive script.
Self-stick adhesive stamps.
Issued in 2018 but valid Forever at the first class, one-ounce mail rate.
Perfect for wedding and holiday mailings, letters, envelopes, collectibles, and more.

Product Key Features

Denomination:    Forever Stamp
Topic:                  Love Flourishes
Type:                   Sheet (1 sheet of 20PCS)

Weight :             0.8 Ounces
Height:               272mm
Width:                449mm
Length:              520mm

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